Woman in stitches over aunt’s mistake after sending snap of lateral flow test result

A woman has gone viral on social media after sharing her aunt’s amusing, yet slightly awkward, blunder in response to a picture of a positive lateral flow test result

With cases of the new omicron variant of coronavirus on the rise, people have been urged to be cautious and get their booster jab.

As such, many people across the UK are taking regular lateral flow tests to monitor their health before going out to see loved ones.

Much like with a pregnancy test, two pink lines on a lateral flow test is intended to indicate a positive result, while one next to the C is a negative.

Anything else could mean your test result is void.

One woman has recently shared how she had a positive result on a lateral flow and decided to share a snap of the test in her family group chat.

However, her message didn’t quite get the response she’d expected.

In a post on Twitter, Holly Baxter shared a look at her Aunt Brenda’s reply to the photo and the older woman had accidentally mistaken the lateral flow for a positive pregnancy test.

She captioned her post: “My poor sweet aunt.”

Brenda’s text said: “Oh how wonderful. That is such lovely news for all the family.”

More than 30,000 people liked the tweet, with thousands retweeting and responding – finding it hilarious.

One person said: “Awks. You’ve two options. One is a gentle letdown. Choose wisely.”

To which Holly replied: “The only truly British solution is to pretend to have a child for the next 18 years out of awkwardness.”

Another wrote: “Maybe she’s the queen of deadpan?!”

A third tweeted: “Congratulations on the impending birth of millions of virus.”

Someone else posted: “This is amazing. Hope you recover smoothly and soon!”