Martin Mayhew will be WFT G.M.

Marty Hurney is the new G.M. in Washington. Unless he isn’t.

NFL Media initially reported that Hurney will be the new G.M. in Washington. Now, NFL Media reports that Martin Mayhew will be the new G.M. in Washington.

Hurney is still joining the team, and he’ll have a top role in the organization. However, it’s unclear whether he’ll report to Mayhew or whether Mayhew will report to Hurney or whether neither will report to the other or whether coach Ron Rivera will basically run the whole show.

Meanwhile, the 49ers will benefit from the hiring of Mayhew by Washington and former San Francisco defensive coordinator Robert Saleh by the Jets. By rule, the 49ers will now receive a total of three third-round compensatory draft picks over the next three draft. The NFL adopted in the offseason a rule that gives teams who lose minority candidates to coaching or G.M. jobs elsewhere compensatory draft picks, as an incentive to develop minority coaches and executives.

Hurney twice served as the G.M. of the Panthers, and Mayhew worked as G.M. of the Lions.